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A Guide to Driving Regulations in London

The Basic Rules for Driving in London

1. You must hold a substantial driving permit 

If it was issued in a nation outside of the European Union, you may drive an auto in Britain for up to 12 months. In case you want to stay in the UK for a year, you ought to arrange to take a British driving test.
Guide to Driving Regulations 1
2. Get hold of the Highway Code 

This is key perusing for all street clients, including people on foot and stallion riders. The Highway Code is truly the ‘guidelines of the way’ for the UK. A large number of the standards are additionally legitimate prerequisites and ignoring them can get you into exceptionally genuine inconvenience.

3. Driving on the left 

The thought of driving on the wrong side of the way is the thing that stresses individuals the most. You’ll think that it simple to get; what’s harder is getting used to a right-hand drive auto. This isn’t such an extensive amount an issue in case you’re driving a vehicle with programmed transmission, yet most autos in England are manual transmission (stick shift).
Guide to Driving Regulations 2
4. Figure out how to utilize roundabouts 

These are basic in London and work uniquely in contrast to those utilized as a part of terrain Europe. The British principle is that movement can just join an indirect if the street is clear, so if in mistrust, hold up.

5. Red methods stop at movement lights 

There is no right turn on red (or left turn either). In England, if the activity light is red, you stop and don’t move until it turns green. The main special case is if there’s a channel light – a green bolt indicating in the bearing you need to go.

6. Ceasing at zebra intersections 

The dark and white striped person on foot intersections without activity lights are getting less regular in Britain. Be that as it may, it’s paramount to see how they work. When a passerby puts by walking on the surface of the intersection, approaching activity ought to stop and permit them to cross the street.

 7. Keep to the left 

A fundamental standard of British driving is that on multi-path streets you ought to stay in the left-hand path however much as could be expected. You ought to just haul out to the right to surpass and afterward come back to the left hand. Staying in paths on the right when the left-hand path is vacant is viewed as poor driving.

8. London Congestion Charge 

Driving in the precise heart of London obliges installment of a charge, at present £8 for every day. You can pay it up to 90 days ahead of time, and there are rebates for paying month to month or every twelve-months. For additional data on the Congestion Charge and how to pay it, visit the Transport for London site.
Guide to Driving Regulations
9. Watch out for Red Routes

These are stamped by a red line along the side of the street, which means movement must continue moving. A solitary red line methods halting is not allowed between 7am and 7pm, while twofold red lines don’t allow ceasing at whatever time. There are a few boxes stamped for stacking or emptying, or even fleeting stopping.

10. The Low Emission Zone 

This blankets a much more extensive region of London than the Congestion Charge and is not yet being upheld. There are suggestions to charge drivers of bigger vehicles, including substantial vans and minibuses, yet it most likely won’t come into operation until 2012. For the most recent data check the Transport for London site.

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£174m owed for congestion charge

£170 million is owed by congestion charge drivers in London around 33,684 drivers have not paid their charges yet from 2011 and 2012. However this is a decrease from last year which was 52,103.

This ia big business for the government since it was started in 2033 the congestion charge made almost £900 million in net profit. Research said in the last year 28,000 drivers has a bailiffs knocking on their door.

Congestion charge is £10 a day and goes up to £12 if you do not pay the amount on the day. The £900m all goes back the transport improvement. Mayor Boris Johnson, said: “I can imagine Londoners will be clamouring for us to crack down and send more letters in the post and get them to cough up.

Salford acid attack may be racially motivated?

A 29 year old lady tought to be from camerron was attacked with acid in central salford, the women was pushing a pram that has her six month old daughtr who was not harmed.

Police said that as the woman entered the tunnel she heard someone make a sexual and racist comment to her before feeling liquid being thrown on her back. She turned around to see a man in his 40s holding a plastic container. He threw more liquid on her chest before running off towards Broad Street. No liquid hit the baby or the woman’s face.
The attacker is described as being white, of stocky build, 178-188cm (5ft 10in to 6ft 2in) tall, with short, dark hair, a straight hairline and a bald patch on the back of his head. He had blue eyes, a dimple in his chin and a red, burn-like mark on his bottom lip. He also had white peeling skin on his cheekbo